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Shopify Review: Cheap E-commerce That Does Not Suck

This Shopify review is a handy guide to creating an inexpensive e-commerce site that doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Almost everybody has a great web store idea, but few people understand how easy Shopify makes it to turn that idea into a profitable business. I’ve worked with a lot of clients and on a lot of e-commerce project and I can honestly say that for beginners and even advanced website builders, Shopify has everything you need to create a successful e-commerce website. The best part is that their plans start at $29/month!

I’m not saying that you can’t get an amazing custom-built e-commerce site created for your business. In fact, that’s one of our specialties at Item-9. A lot of potential customers don’t have a $5,000 budget, though. And many other customers are so worried about being ripped off by a web development studio (present company excluded, obviously:), that they’re paralyzed from pushing forward with their dream site.

If you’re looking for the quickest, least expensive and least risky way to get an web store going, continue reading to learn the five best reasons why Shopify and cheap e-commerce doesn’t have to suck. Read More