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Download upPrev Version 1.4 – Thumbnails, Excepts and Lots of other New Features!

Our WordPress plugin, upPrev, the New York Times-style jQuery-animated previous post flyout box, has been updated to version 1.4. Here are the major changes:

  • Fixed incorrectly shown number of WordPress posts (incorrect mysql query),
  • Resolved jQuery compatibility issue,
  • Improved stylesheet mechanism. One external global stylesheet + embedded one for a custom animation. Additional css selectors for easier modification.
  • Modified settings page,
  • Ability to add thumbnails and excerpt (lots of users requested this!),
  • Custom notification for pages with a shortcode [upprev&#93Sample Text[/upprev&#93,
  • Disabled PHP errors notification for a javascript file.

Check it out on this page (by scrolling down) and then use the plugin update feature on your WordPress site or download a new copy from the WordPress repository!