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Get the Image – A WordPress Tutorial


Breaking out of Blog Themes

We love WordPress at Item-9 Consulting. Although it began as a blogging platform, I would argue that it’s the most versatile, well-supported, user-friendly content management system available today. Need proof?  Here’s a link to 25 beautiful, unique, free WordPress themes, including a section for 1) blogs, 2) galleries (portfolios) and 3) magazines (news).

So you know about blog themes, but what differentiates those from galleries and magazine themes (which have become very popular in the last two years)? Besides alternative layout structures, the non-blog themes rely on prescient images to draw readers in and help them navigate the site. Even though it’s not WordPress, the New York Times website uses the magazine style layout and images perfectly to entice readers to jump to other articles, and subsequently, stay on its site longer (and of course, the longer a reader is on a site, the more likely he will be to click on advertising, thus generating revenue for the site). Read More