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Three New Potential Basecamp Replacements

Businesses today are investing in project management applications for optimal return on investments and to keep a competitive edge with high profits. The sustainability of a business often rests upon how its projects are managed.

I love Basecamp and have been a 37Signals customer for the last three years. In that timespan, lots of challengers have sprung up–some plainly stealing Basecamp’s features, and others, like the three listed in this article, have come up with new and interesting takes on the project management realm.

These three project management plans offer options for every business need and budget for small and big businesses and every day, I’m temped to switch over to one of them. If you’re not already a loyal Basecamp user, do yourself a favor and take a look at what I think are the three best new project management applications.


Projecturf Project ManagementProjecturf is a project business management application loaded with user-friendly features is design to optimize business workloads.

  • Real time tracking on work groups includes whiteboards, privacy controls and a global dashboard.
  • Documents are readily integrated and managed and an event calendar offers scheduling for events with a drag and drop feature.
  • Data, file and other media are easily exported and stored on the personal computer for backups.
  • Backups are automatic and additional security is protected by an EV SSL 250-bit encryption.
  • Dashboard views and RSS feeds are unique features, which help a business ensure optimal work status by tracking function in all areas.
  • Email and address contacts are offered as well as an archive for storing discussions for future references.
  • Tasks and tickets are effectively designed to be printed for on-the-go or for conveniently working offline.

Plan and pricing for Projecturf start with a fourteen day risk-free trial on every plan purchased at $35 a month. Individual plans are low as $10 a month. Projecturf also offer a 30% discount to non-profit organizations and higher level plans.

This project management application offers a pay-for-project pricing. From one project plan to one-hundred and fifty projects, pricing starts at 9.99 a month to 169.99 a month. The plan that offers a business unlimited projects comes in at $199.99 a month. The pricing difference depends on the number of projects needed, with all features available, no matter the number of projects. Project is a contact management business software application that allows a business to track staff, departments, work groups and companies.

The ability to edit and manage details, activities, documents, tasks, discussions, projects, sharing and permissions offers a tactile way to manage a business from the ground up. is an application that helps a business wisely manage its customer relationships and financial related activity. The interaction with live stream ability enables a business to monitor the activity of staff, projects, tasks, current documents, team divisions, discussions and keep abreast with calendar activity.

A mobile application for iPone, Blackberry and Android will keep a business at the fingertips 24/7 and readily enables a business to be managed on-the-go. has plans that offer unlimited access to all current and future features. All plans are pay-as-you-go and offers a 30-day free trail, with no long-term commitment.

  • The free plan offers a business a workspace for up to three users and 20MB of storage capacity.
  • The Espresso offers a plan for unlimited users and 3GB storage capacity for $24 a month.
  • The Tall purchase plan offers unlimited users and 7GB storage capacity and is $49 a month.
  • The Grande comes in at $99 a month and offers unlimited users with a 15GB with its purchase plan.
  • The Double Venti comes in with 40GB of storage capacity and unlimited users with its $149 a month plan.

Each of these plans include unlimited features for documents, projects, staff and wikis management abilities.


Producteev Project ManagementProducteev brings into play an iPone application that makes it easy for a business to keep organized even when offline. Push notifications will bring important alerts to the user and easily connects with existing tools already installed like social networking media sites, email and instant messenger.

Producteev can automatically prioritize tasks that are waiting and filter reports effortlessly. This software business management program has multiple team support and privacy settings. A real time overview and user-friendly workspaces are offered, as well. Incentives for task managements can be monetized through the built-in Producteev Academy, which awards badges and levels according to completion of tasks.

This project management software program comes with the ability to competently handle from two users via workspace to unlimited users and also offers a free sign up plan for two workspace users. This plan includes a support forum and 100mb of file storage. A monthly customizable workspace and email for 200mb of file storage space is only $5. The fee covers SSL security and a logo. Optional savings for this package is $55 annually.

At the next level, the premium package of Producteev offers 300mb more of file space, a customizable workspace and priority E-mail for $20 a month, or $220 annually.

At the platinum level, for $30 a month or $330 annually, a business receives 1.5 GB file storage, support vie phone, SSL security, customizable workspaces and generates reports.

Each Producteev plan comes with:

  • unlimited tasks
  • Gcal synchronization
  • task labeling
  • a free app for iPhone
  • Gmail gadgets
  • Producteev Academy access
  • file attachments
  • import ability
  • notifications via email and instant messenger.

Project Management Feature Matrix

Application Free Trial Discounts Unlimited Users Customizable
Projecturf 14 Days 30% High Level & Non-Profit Plan Yes Yes 30 Days Yes Yes
Producteev 14 Days 1 Month Free High Level Plans Yes Yes