Why Online Poker is the Way to Go


item-9.comWhy Online Poker is the Way to Go. It’s common for poker players who are starting out to wonder why playing online is better than playing live. Live poker playing comes with its benefits, but they cannot compare with those you get when playing poker online. The popularity of online poker is on the rise, and more players are running to the internet to play poker. If you want to know why you should play poker from great sites such as https://score88poker.bid/ instead of visiting a live casino, you are in the right place.


Great Bonuses

Online poker casinos operate at extremely low rates when compared to their counterparts the live casinos. The lower operation costs convert into bonuses and freebies which you are awarded from time to time. Among the most amazing types of bonuses, you get from playing poker online including but not limited to sign-up bonuses, first deposit bonuses, and other welcome bonuses. Some sites will reward you when you reload your account after it is exhausted. The bonuses require you play a particular number of hands for you to cash out the bonus. It is important you first read and understand the terms offered by your poker games provider.

Lowe Rakes

The rake rates in most live casinos are more than 10% while in online card sites are less than 5%.  The lower play cost can be of great importance in the long run especially when you are playing at low-limit games where the percentage of the pot amount is quite high.

Better Playing Environment

In live casinos, you will likely be criticized by other players for your bad poker playing skills. In some instances, you will be made the topic of discussion especially when you lose continuously without making a win. As with online poker, you won’t be criticized by anyone. When you lose, nobody will laugh at you or criticize your bad poker playing skills. You will be all alone hence you will be in a position to grow yourself skill-wise.

No Tips

When you win in live casinos, you must, by all means, tip the dealer otherwise you may not be able to play in such a casino next time. You may also have to tip some of your friends who had accompanied you to the casino or buy them drinks to appreciate their support. The most interesting thing about online poker is that you have direct access to the games through a poker games agent. You won’t need to tip anyone after you make winnings which add to your savings.