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Get the Image – A WordPress Tutorial

Breaking out of Blog Themes We love WordPress at Item-9 Consulting. Although it began as a blogging platform, I would argue that it’s the most versatile, well-supported, user-friendly content management system available today. Need proof?  Here’s a link to 25 beautiful, unique, free WordPress themes, including a section for 1) blogs, 2) galleries (portfolios) and 3) magazines (news).…

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Silverback – Usability Testing

I have yet to find a better program for usability testing. Silverback uses your built-in Mac iSight to record the facial reactions and mouse tracking of normal users interacting with your website. I highly recommend usability testing well before launching a site, and because Silverback is so cheap ($50) and easy to use, it removes…

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Glengarry Glenn Ross and Web Marketing

I wonder if these two articles know about each other? Design To Sell: 8 Useful Tips To Help Your Website Convert Designing to Sell The first one is from Smashing Magazine (which we’ll have to include in a future “stuff we love” article) and the second is from Zygote, a marketing blog from Egg Co.…

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