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Web Designers Shouldn’t Spend Time on Graphic Design

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Time to Get Secure: My First Real Foray into WordPress Security

Until a few months ago, I had no idea how big of a deal website security was. Theoretically, I knew it was important, and as a WordPress developer, I knew older versions of that software to be quite vulnerable to hacks. For the most part, though, I kept both my sites and my clients’ WordPress…

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Tips for Buying WordPress Themes from ThemeForest

Sadly, you can’t usually test ThemeForest themes without purchasing them first, so I’ve written my experiences here. Hopefully these experiences help you guys! I’ve been bitten enough times and I have enough unused ThemeForest WordPress theme purchases to understand that it’s caveat emptor. Before purchasing theme, I have no idea how these themes install or…

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10 Great Reasons to Fire Your Web Designer Today

The vast majority of web designers don’t understand that web design is marketing.

They’ll charge you as much as they think you’ll pay for a new website, without considering how valuable the website will be to you. They think that a sexy design is valuable in itself.

I don’t think web design should work like that.

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Law Firm Web Design Shouldn’t be a Rip Off

If your law firm’s web designer can’t provide robust answers to the following ten simple questions, fire them. Today.

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Should We Scrap our Website and Build the New One with WordPress?

This is not your typical web design advice. Instead of focusing on the business biography or something superficial–such as the look of the website–I suggest that Jen invests in sales marketing and advertising to increase her business’s traffic and conversions.

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