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Why Write An eBook?

My friend just published an ebook on Facebook Ads. The book is a solid introduction to Facebook Ads. What gets people excited is depth, though. An inch wide, but a mile deep. She wants readers to talk about her book and keep promoting it by word of mouth. How does she do that? What’s Next?…

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The Secret Behind The Join

I have a confession… For the last four years I’ve been keeping something from my clients and readers. I either didn’t think it was appropriate to discuss this topic here, or best case scenario, I just assumed you wouldn’t care. Here it goes (deep breath): I’m an actor. I’m still a marketing consultant, but when…

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Ruthlessly Eliminate Your Way to Success

Today, one of my students from Double Your Freelancing Clients posted this question: Any tips for burnout? I feel like I’m dropping towards 50%. New business development is a full-time job. I can’t be the only one dealing with this. Pat Flynn once said most blogs never make it to 50 posts. The plight is…

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10 Tools to Kick Your Ecommerce Site in the Ass

Last year, we helped take a WordPress plugin developer from $500 to $22,000/month in revenue … in just 90 days. We picked this client because we really loved their product. Because we were starting at such a minimum of sales, we also knew that almost any change we made would have a huge impact on…

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Risk-Based Pricing

Most web design companies charge by the hour. We believe hourly pricing disincentivizes fast, effective work. Besides, even the most similar projects differ in time requirements. Usually, because it’s impossible to accurately estimate project completion, most developers just pad their hours to start and then cross their fingers the project’s scope doesn’t creep out of…

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It’s Time to Focus My Business

Everywhere I look, I see business owners talking about focus. At its simplest, focus implies that it’s just not possible to do two things at once. Or at least, to do them simultaneously well. There’s always some energy lost when switching tasks. For me, that’s the big reason why I chose to work by myself.…

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