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What’s the best way to digest old, unwatched, video courses?

A few months ago, my Double Your Freelancing Clients course colleague Philip Morgan shared a podcast feed he created for the courses audio recordings. By collecting the audio recordings into an RSS feed using a third party sharing site called Dropmark, Philip showed me a major, first step in not having to sit at the…

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Is Productized Consulting *Really* a Good Fit for Your Business?

A discussion came up this week in a freelancer forum I help run. The original poster shared the book, One-Trick Ponies Get Shot. In the book, the author describes how service companies (which is what most freelancers are) can avoid being labeled and treated like vendor by their clients (contrast a vendor with an expert…

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Email Automation Tools Ranked: Acquire vs ActiveCampaign vs Autopilot vs Drip vs MailChimp

I want to preface by saying that every automated email tool has it’s pros and cons. To me, the important thing is to actually set up an automated email system and use it. Even if you my least favorite automation tool, MailChimp, that’s fine. As long as you’re collecting data and sending messages, you’re ahead…

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Retainers Don’t Work for Creative Firms

Some time ago, I wrote about how retainers were saving my business. Turns out, I was wrong. Always be Diagnosing (A.B.D.) Simply: Diagnosis has the highest profit margins; maintenance, the lowest. Profit margins tend to be directly correlated with the a service’s perceived value. For me, that value decreases the further I get away from…

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How to Prevent Scope Creep

Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen some scope creep. Quoted one month-long projects drag on and one. If they ever even finish, that one month would look more like one year. Would that additional time lead to additional payment? Very often the answer was “no”, bringing my effective wage below the $1/hr. mark. Why exactly…

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A Weird Dream

It’s Saturday morning, and I just woke up from a dream. Like many of my dreams, I was back in school. Horribly, I’m usually back in high school, but this time, at least I was in college. This wasn’t necessarily my alma mater (maybe it was; I don’t know), but at this school, I was…

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