Are your membership courses hitting their revenue goals?

Item-9 is the course marketing firm. Unlike other agencies, we don't just slap on a new WordPress theme.

Instead, we create and optimize your course sales processes using email, behavioral & paid marketing.


Growth Hacking for Course Creators

If you've spent 4,000 hours creating your course, you don't have the energy to optimize your marketing. But we do.

Often by the time you've built your course, you're burnt out. You can't even think straight. It's at that point that it's imperative to have a team of marketers who can make sure your product crosses the finish line.

We want to be your partner—not just a design shop. We're willing to stick with you throughout your product launch & make sure your marketing campaigns are optimized & reaching their potential.

First, though, we help solve root marketing positioning, pricing & conversion.

Then we configure your sales processes to run automatically. Finally, we execute marketing to draw more visitors & convert them into paying customers.

All throughout, we're tweaking design & copy and validating our changes using science, not first best guesses.

Even geniuses need outside perspective

When we're hired, our first step is thoroughly researching your business.

We do this by diving deep into your products and your customer funnels. We want to understand your customers' full experience to figure out what makes them purchase, as well as what might prevent it.

Once we've collected data, we begin to diagnose possible issues holding your product back. From our diagnosis, we'll present prescriptive solutions, along with any cost/benefit analysis we can determine.

After these marketing campaigns are set up, we follow-up with full reports of our efforts, including traffic & conversion improvements, as well as further detailed recommendations of next steps to continue improving your product's profit margins.

"Item-9 knows all aspects of putting together a sharp and effective website. They're experts on online conversion practices. They work fast and are dedicated to the project. They are always looking out for their clients’ best interest."

—Jimmy Carrane, Improv Nerd


“Little variability in process = little variability in outcome.”

Being creative doesn't mean reinventing the wheel for every project. All our clients receive the following proprietary procedures to ensure their projects go smoothly & positively.

Product/Market Fit

  • Audience & Persona Selection
  • Clear & Unique Positioning
  • Pricing Assessment
  • Competition Research
  • Ongoing User Surveying

Web Design

  • Copywriting
  • Design & Development
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • eCommerce & Course Delivery
  • Onboarding
  • Site Administration

List Building

  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Retargeting & Remarketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Launch Sequences & Outreach

Ongoing Sales Optimization

  • Conversion Analysis
  • A/B Test & Change Validation
  • Course Consumption Analysis
  • Lead & Call Tracking
  • CRM & Lead Scoring Automation
  • Site Personalization

Results are everything

One of our favorite clients: Beaver BuilderOne of our favorite clients was Beaver Builder—a WordPress drag & drop page builder plugin (that powers this site, in fact).

We began working with Beaver Builder about four months into their product (before they were even called Beaver Builder!). In just three months of consulting, we were able to help grow revenue for their plugin from $500/month to over $22,000.

In less than 90 days, we were able to see a 44x increase in revenue. Today, the profits are even higher.

"I cannot speak highly enough about Item-9: their persistence, their expertise, and their creativity. We’re a young, small company, so we were in desperate need of not only a redesign, but also advice/ideas. Item-9 was an excellent resource."

—Dr. T.J. Allan, Pro-Pharm


"I've worked with lots of web companies, but Item-9 is by far the best. They're intuitive, complete their work on time, and are attentive to their customers. They also have great business sense, which is really helpful. They can create sites that are not only visually pleasing, but are functional & organized. I had a wonderful experience working with them, and will definitely work with them more"

—Nina Levin, Headlight Health


Before hiring us, you should know...

Our thought leadership & strategic execution ensures long-standing relationships. To that end, we don't do one-off projects.

Our minimum annual level of client engagement is $100,000 in agency fees, with most clients generally spending $200,000 to $300,000.

Our minimum initial engagement is $35,000.

We engage with a limited number of clients due to the depth and commitment of our relationships, and we only take on one new client per quarter.

We charge a fee for our services that is agreed upon in advance.

We mark up outside goods and services by 20% to cover our management process to ensure all elements meet your specifications.

Want to dive deeper? View our additional client roster. Also, here’s the blog.