We're the marketers for other expert marketers who build digital products

If you've spent 4,000 hours creating your course or product, you don't have the energy to optimize your marketing. But we do.

That's our job in a nutshell: Item-9 takes the worry out of marketing product sales. We work to increase lifetime customer value & reduce acquisition cost, while letting the experts keep creating.

Even geniuses need outside perspective

"I've worked with lots of web companies, but Item-9 is by far the best. They're intuitive, complete their work on time, and are attentive to their customers. They also have great business sense, which is really helpful. They can create sites that are not only visually pleasing, but are functional & organized. I had a wonderful experience working with them, and will definitely work with them more"

—Nina Levin, Headlight Health

"I cannot speak highly enough about Item-9: their persistence, their expertise, and their creativity. We’re a young, small company, so we were in desperate need of not only a redesign, but also advice/ideas. Item-9 was an excellent resource."

—Dr. T.J. Allan, Pro-Pharm

Our Latest Thought Leadership

What’s the best way to digest old, unwatched, video courses?

A few months ago, my Double Your Freelancing Clients course colleague Philip Morgan shared a podcast feed he created for the courses audio recordings. By collecting the audio recordings into an RSS feed using a third party sharing site called Dropmark, Philip showed me a major, first step in not having to sit at the…

Is Productized Consulting *Really* a Good Fit for Your Business?

A discussion came up this week in a freelancer forum I help run. The original poster shared the book, One-Trick Ponies Get Shot. In the book, the author describes how service companies (which is what most freelancers are) can avoid being labeled and treated like vendor by their clients (contrast a vendor with an expert…

Email Automation Tools Ranked: Acquire vs ActiveCampaign vs Autopilot vs Drip vs MailChimp

I want to preface by saying that every automated email tool has it’s pros and cons. To me, the important thing is to actually set up an automated email system and use it. Even if you my least favorite automation tool, MailChimp, that’s fine. As long as you’re collecting data and sending messages, you’re ahead…

Before hiring us, you should know...

Our thought leadership & strategic execution ensures long-standing relationships. To that end, we don't encourage one-off projects or tasks.

We love clients that can spend, minimum, $50,000/year on marketing. Most of our clients spend $75,000 to $100,000, and recoup ~10x ROI.

That said, our initial engagements start at $15,000. We use these smaller projects to get to know our clients better and evaluate long-term fit.

We engage with a limited number of clients due to the depth and commitment of our relationships, and we only take on one new client per quarter.

We charge a fee for our services that is agreed upon in advance.

We mark up outside goods and services by 20% to cover our management process to ensure all elements meet your specifications.

Don't already have a course? Depending on how much you've published or interviews you can access, we might be able to help. Contact us and we'll discuss.