Lucha Libre!“Hiring a new designer shouldn’t have to be scary.”

—Nina Levin, Founder of Coalition for Fun

Wouldn’t you like to get to know each other before fully committing to a project? That’s why I’m offering online businesses a $600, 4-hour design block to help minimize the fear & headaches usually associated with new web designers.

Q: What do you get for $600?

A: Easily more value than you’re paying. In our first 4 hours, I’ll analyze your business needs and create a new & completely operational landing page (example).

Q: Will you like my work?

A: Hopefully, yes! I also offer two opportunities to review the design—once at hour 2 and another another hour 3.5. I’ll then take your notes and incorporate them into the project.

La Lucha!

Q: What happens after the 4 hours are up?

A: While we’re working on building trust & increase your sales, I’ll also draw up a list of actionable next steps to help you figure out whether you’d like to continue working together.

Q: Who am I?

A: I’m Jason Pelker. I’ve been building high-converting websites since 2005. I’ve worked with dozens of happy clients, including Texas A&M University, the American Student Dental Association and United Way. Here’s a clip of me sounding smart:)

Low Risk Web Design
Low Risk Web Design

We can accomplish a lot in 4 hour blocks. That's why I offer these small, low risk web design packages. You get to see progress and determine the next steps before moving forward. Low risk. High reward.

Web Marketing & Sales
Web Marketing & Sales

Your website shouldn't just look good—it should also collect leads and sell your products or services to your visitors. If you haven't identified your business goals yet, I'll help with that, too.

Project Management
Project Management

You don't want a web designer who disappears. You'll always be able to reach me if we work together. I'll also keep the project organized and on the right track. You'll never be burdened with extra responsibility or have to wait for me to respond to an inquiry.

On-call Expertise
On-call Expertise

If you ever have a question after the site is built, I'm here to help. You can even host your new site with me and I'll guarantee timely updates, security and responses. I also offer significant discounts for future projects.

What others are saying

Jason knows all aspects of putting together a sharp and effective website. He is an expert on WordPress and online conversion practices. He works fast and is dedicated to the project, and he is always looking out for his clients’ best interest.

Jimmy Carrane, Improvisor & Improv Nerd Podcast Host

—Jimmy Carrane, Improvisor & Improv Nerd Podcast Host


I’ve worked with lots of web designers, but Jason is by far the best. He’s intuitive, he completes work on time and he is attentive to his customers. He also has great business sense, which is really helpful.

Nina Levin, Entrepreneur and Founder of Coalition for Fun

—Nina Levin, Entrepreneur and Founder of Coalition for Fun


I cannot speak highly enough about Jason: his persistence, his expertise, and his creativity. We’re a young, small company, so we were in desperate need of not only a redesign, but also advice/ideas. Jason was an excellent resource.

Dr. T.J. Allan, Entrepreneur, pharmacist and founder of Pro-Pharm Inc. and Ageless, LLC

—Dr. T.J. Allan, Entrepreneur, Pharmacist and Founder of Pro-Pharm and Ageless


Need more proof? Visit LinkedIn to see additional recommendations or view this list of projects I’ve worked on. Also, here’s the blog.

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I can probably start on your project within a couple of business days. If you don’t know what you need or want, I’m happy to talk anyway. Chances are we can figure out your goals in just a short phone call.

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